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Indoor pool with washbasin and view of the church tower

Black Forest invigoration

Sanctuary with views

High above the roofs of a small town in the Black Forest, these owners situated their retirement residence with wellness oasis. The penthouse residence leads directly to the swimming area and pool room.

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The pool, cradled in white, is framed by spectacular tiles with wave décor and vaulted by a sound-absorbing wooden slat ceiling.

Proven Ospa swimming pool technology ensures that the swimming pool water in the pool is as clear as the healthy Black Forest air outside: Ospa Superfilter system, Ospa BlueClear® and surge water reservoirs do their beneficial work efficiently and fully automatically. The owners can display the temperature and parameters of the crystal-clear and oxygen-rich healthy water through the Ospa BlueControl system and adjust them to different needs at any time.
In addition, the wellness oasis is supplemented by a variety of water features: in addition to a powerful  massage system with four jets, the pool has an Ospa counter-current system. It allows for exhaustive swimming without disruptive turning. Alternating lighting moods are conjured by LED underwater lighting with DMX light control. All of the features can be conveniently controlled by Ospa BlueControl, of course, via smart phone or tablet if desired - it doesn't get any more convenient.

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Counter-current system

The innovative Ospa PowerSwim counter-current system converts your pool into a challenging swimming channel. Swim your way to fitness by determining the training level by adjusting the water current strength yourself. In addition to the athletic challenge, there is no shortage of opportunity for calm swimming and the joy of movement.

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Images: Bernhard Müller