Mediterranean indoor pool with terrace

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Retreat location with Mediterranean flair

Tuscany in the middle of southern Germany? It nearly seems that way when you enter this pool room, bathed in light, with the extensive sandstone wall as a central design element.

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The builder consciously planned his private pool room, with its 11.5 m long pool, as a retreat oasis with a southern flair. So that the architecture and water combine into a perfect spatial experience, Ospa was involved in the planning from the start.

Refreshingly high tech

In the large pool, the latest Ospa technology guarantees that swimmers can relax therapeutically from the first moment on. When it comes to the water features, great importance was placed on comfort: the pleasant Ospa massage station, with four massage jets, and the effervescent Ospa waterfall provide for relaxation. In addition, three Ospa underwater spotlights immerse the wellness oasis in a perfect atmosphere – all that is needed to stimulate the senses in no time.

The latest Ospa swimming pool technology is responsible for the crystal-clear, skin and eye-friendly water in the pool: an Ospa Superfilter with additional active carbon layer and the Ospa BlueClear disinfection system reliably perform their services.

The Mediterranean wellness oasis is controlled by the proven Ospa BlueControl swimming pool control system. It not only controls water quality and water parameters, but also the room climate and all water features - a perfect combination of quality and convenience.

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Water roars powerfully into the depths. The impressive effect of the Ospa waterfall is further increased by atmospheric lighting, becoming an exclusive water feature in the evening hours.

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Images: Tom Philippi