Indoor pool Front view with view of the fireplace

Pool in hunting lodge

Rustic look and no shortage of luxury

This swimming landscape is something very special – not only because it is located in a hunting lodge in Spain.

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Highly modern technology that meets all of the builder's needs is integrated in a room with a refined rustic look. The approx. 67 m large swimming experience is divided into three connected skimmer pools of differing depth and size, which are operated in one water circuit. The large, rectangular swimmer's pool is supplemented by a deep, round pool for water gymnastics and another round, shallow pool for the grandchildren. Underwater benches with integrated massage and air bubble jets, fountain shower, neck surge and floor geyser provide relaxation, variety and comfort.

The pool body covering of glass mosaic pebbles and the underwater lighting provide for the right look. When it comes to technology, the swimming pool landscape is up to date with two Ospa Superfilter systems and two Ospa BlueClear® water disinfection systems. The control system is an Ospa BlueControl®, which interfaces with the in-house building control technology. An automatic swimming pool cover reduces energy consumption and evaporation.

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Neck surge

The Ospa neck surge is not only beneficial for the muscles in the shoulder and neck area, but also for the eyes. The lively swimming experience with the power of water – and the right answer for tight muscles in the shoulder and neck. You can choose from various designs.

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