Indoor pool with golden vase, rattan recliner and view of the back yard

Wellness dream

Exotic wellness oasis with lots of flair

It's like entering another world: this swimming and wellness landscape draws its appeal from numerous Mediterranean and Asian influences.

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One flows into the other here: a large lounging area, rattan recliners for relaxing and a spectacular pool with an iridescent mosaic floor. The transition into the back yard, with its archways, palm trees and gold-colored floor vases, is like something out of The Arabian Nights! The reliable Ospa swimming pool technology, by contrast, is entirely of this world, with filtration, treatment and the intelligent Ospa BlueControl® III Web control.

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Massage station

Pure relaxation through targeted massage of tight muscles with the massage jets embedded in the pool wall. These are operated by a single massage pump – which is also speed controlled upon request. The air admixture provides for an especially intensive massage experience.

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Images: Peter Hartung