Indoor pool with bright living and eating area

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Swimming, living and relaxing

The goal of this unusual pool room was to skillfully combine the swimming pool, wellness and living areas with each other.

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In addition to wellness features such as a sauna, steam bath, snail shower and separate jacuzzi, there is also a fully equipped multimedia center here. The owners can easily watch a movie on a large screen from their rectangular, modest-white pool with two semicircular niches.

The contrastingly complexly designed interior space, with plasterwork and stucco, warm colors and materials as well as artistic statues, forms a design counterpart to the simple, synthetic-lined pool with overflow channel. The luxurious design is also supplemented by the individually customized air bubble recliner. The fully automatic Ospa water treatment system, the heat pump fed by geothermal energy and a solar installation on the roof and the Ospa BlueControl®reveal the builder's standards for energy-efficient technology.

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Air bubble jet recliner

Lie comfortably in the air bubbles and relax. Relax comfortably after athletic swimming on the air bubble jet recliner. Multiple systems with up to 3 recliners each can be integrated into the pool body.

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Images: Tom Philippi