Outdoor pool with diving tower and active neck surge

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Even as a child, the builder dreamed of having his own swimming pool with a diving tower. When the businessman planned his dream house in the south of Munich, the opportunity arose to make this dream come true. He received expert support from Ospa consultants.

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The 16 x 5 meter pool, with a depth of up to 3 meters in the diving area, is embedded in a large back yard. Together with a lounge area, including a bar, grill and billiards table, the ensemble offers lots of variety for those seeking relaxation, whether young or old.

In addition to the athletic swimming enjoyment provided by the two meter diving tower, relaxation was also considered with a  neck surge and massage station from Ospa. After sundown, the atmosphere is set for pool parties by Ospa LED-RGB underwater spotlights.

Ospa swimming pool technology guarantees crystal-clear, optimally temperature-controlled water for skilful dives and splashing jumps. With a filter system, Ospa BlueClear®, plate heat exchanger and Ospa BlueControl, it provides a complete solution that is as reliable as it is cost-effective. 

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Massage station

Pure relaxation through targeted massage of tight muscles with the massage jets embedded in the pool wall. These are operated by a single massage pump – which is also speed controlled upon request. The air admixture provides for an especially intensive massage experience.

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Images: Tom Philippi