Outdoor pool with pool edge and back yard

Lithe and lissom

Athletic start to the day

The futuristic home glows fire-red, the turquoise blue outdoor pool extends an astounding twenty meters into the narrow back yard: the contrasts that the builder designed and professionally implemented here, together with Ospa technology, could not be more spectacular.

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The pool's dimensions alone give it away: swimmers with particular standards live here. The Ospa features are also presented at a world-class level: the Ospa LED underwater lighting allows the pool to sparkle with atmosphere in the evenings, while an Ospa massage station 6 wonderfully relaxes muscles fatigued from training. A visual highlight of the installation is a babbling stream, parallel to the pool's edge, which ultimately gives way to a sparkling waterfall.

So that the turquoise blue water feels as pleasant when diving in as it glimmers, there is an Ospa-Filter 16 EcoClean with whisper pump and the Ospa BlueClear 50 ELD water disinfection system with lye reservoir and lye dosing system. The Ospa CompactControl S directs it all. The result is wonderfully clear, skin and eye-friendly swimming pool water.

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Water roars powerfully into the depths. The impressive effect of the Ospa waterfall is further increased by atmospheric lighting, becoming an exclusive water feature in the evening hours.

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Images: Tom Philippi