Outdoor pool with indoor pool and glass wall

Quantum art

Futuristic environment and new design

A special house needs a special pool – or even two.

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In order to insert their swimming landscape harmoniously into the overall picture of their sculptural-artistic building, the owner had it renovated. The former back yard pool was modified into an indoor pool, the pool was enlarged, resealed and supplied with a white glass mosaic, as was the floor. The back yard pond, including separate koi and swimming areas, was redesigned to match the full-featured pool: a new finish of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and a water treatment system was added here.

The technology was completely replaced; the indoor area is now supplemented by an additional counter-current system, new flooring, an Ospa Superfilter and an Ospa BlueClear®. The technology is fully automatically controlled, both inside and out, by Ospa BlueControl®.

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Underwater lighting

Dive into fantastic and wonderfully colored swimming pool water and experience moments of very special atmosphere while you glide through the wellness water in your perfect swimming pool. In the darkness and twilight, it's "Lights off, spotlight on."

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Images: David Franck