Outdoor pool with active waterfall and back yard

Life at the Waterfall

Down to the last detail

The builder had the most detailed ideas for their pool on the edge of the Heidelberg old town, with a view of the castle: above all, it was to fit in harmoniously with the overall picture of the scenery, the garden area and the turn of the century villa.

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A 3.5 x 13 m jewel was created that directly adjoins the terrace.

A special highlight is the 2.5 m wide waterfall in front of a rock wall on the end of the waterproof concrete pool with skimmer technology. The lining of the pool, with Bisazza mosaics according to the builder's specifications, is definitely worth a second look. A counter-current system and various waterspouts elevate the pool's fun factor. Technically, it is impressively characterized by the fully automatic filter system, the Ospa BlueClear®, the dosing for pH increaser and pH reducer, the roller covering, the plate heat exchanger and the whisper pump. Technology such as features is controlled via Ospa BlueControl®.

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Water roars powerfully into the depths. The impressive effect of the Ospa waterfall is further increased by atmospheric lighting, becoming an exclusive water feature in the evening hours.

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Images: Günther Kobiela