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90 Years of Ospa – Experience Innovation

90Jahre Ospa – Innovation erleben

In 1929, with groundbreaking inventions and numerous patents, the Swabian inventor Oscar Pauser laid the foundation for a company that has dominated the swimming pool industry since the 1950's. Oscar Pauser's passion for exploration and turning his explorations into new products was a demonstration of his indomitable spirit. He was successful throughout his life, thanks in particular to his ingenuity, his conscientiousness, his standards of quality and the durability of his products.

Following foray into medical technology, the company, founded as a technical workshop, became an internationally renowned player in the field of swimming pool technology. The Ospa slurry lift and the Ospa coin-operated hair dryer for public pools were the cornerstones for this. Oscar Pauser's Ospa Chlorozone systems for pool water disinfection made the ultimate breakthrough, and continue to be developed today, marketed globally under the brand name Ospa BlueClear.

Still operated as a family-owned company today, development of the firm continued in the second generation under the leadership of the sons Knut and Rolf Pauser: the relocation to Mutlangen, new construction of the office building and expansion of production provided the necessary capacity to meet rising demand and to expand exports. Over the decades to today, under the leadership of the third generation, by Stefan and Michael Pauser, the company has become a market leader, a systems provider for swimming pool technology with technologically pioneering products.

In 2019, Ospa celebrated its 90th anniversary, along with its multifaceted and successful development over the past nine innovative decades.

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