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Conforms to the EU biocide regulation

Mutlangen, September 01, 2015. Ospa electrolysis salt for (in situ) production of disinfectants is notified according to EU biocides regulation 528/2102 and on the Art. 95 list. Electrolysis salts from Ospa are therefore harmless to use in combination with existing or new electrolysis systems.

Swimming pool operators can trust in Ospa with confidence. The uncertainty in the swimming pool industry of recent weeks and months has been completely resolved by the application of our electrolysis salts for the production of disinfectants. The Ospa company already dealt with the requirements of the EU biocides regulation at an early time. In the alliance of associations which also included the BSW and the German Society for the Pool Industry, Ospa led the way in finding a solution for the industry.
Since 09/01/2015, biocidal products for producing chlorine as a disinfectant may only be used if they are on the Art. 95 list. Ospa customers are on the safe side here, because Ospa is on the ECHA – Article 95 list, under "Active chlorine generated from sodium chloride by electrolysis."

"There won't be higher level approvals for disinfectants and active substances for several years," explains Michael Pauser, CEO of Ospa Schwimmbadtechnik. "Naturally, Ospa is at the forefront here, as well, critically involved on different committees in the decisive processes related to INSITU electrolysis systems. As a result, we can keep our customers and partners informed about new developments and current determinations about this topic in a timely manner."

Maximum Standards for Water Quality.

The disinfectant is acquired from natural evaporated salt, fully automatically and on demand, using cutting-edge technology from Ospa. Furthermore, Ospa electrolysis units® achieve a high redox potential and, consequently, a high rate of disinfection. The high quality oxygen compounds created in doing so make water especially fresh. The particular advantage of Ospa membrane electrolysis is automatic, ballast-free disinfection. All processes are controlled fully automatically, highly efficiently and safely with Ospa BlueControl® or Ospa CompactControl®. The result: the best and most natural water in the wellness industry.

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