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Energy efficient with the latest Ospa FC pumps

The new Ospa FC pumps for filtration systems and water features

The new Ospa FC pumps for filtration systems and water features.

The new pumps from Ospa, with integrated frequency converters, provide for even greater energy efficiency in the swimming pool with their modern technology. They are characterized by improved efficiency, despite lower power consumption.

Energy savings of up to 30% are possible through individual adjustment of the pump power to the actual operating conditions. To achieve this, Ospa uses electric motors with the IE 3 energy efficiency class. The Ospa "whisper pumps," which are already quiet, become even quieter as a result, making them optimally suited for discerning private pools.

The total cost for the new pumps is less than for the previous version with a separate frequency converter. In addition, expensive wiring with shielded cables between the pump and separate FC is no longer required. Electrical installation costs are lower as a result and the entire system is less susceptible to faults. Long service life is achieved through the use of high quality, heat-resistant film capacitors. The frequency converter is already pre-configured in the factory in order to enable faster startup.

The Ospa pump line comprises pumps in a performance range of 10-250 m³/hr.
As is the case with all of our products, we prioritize high quality, long service life and ease of repair.

  • Pump housing and impeller are manufactured from red brass/bronze
  • Pump shaft made of stainless steel and slide ring seal with long service life
  • With large-sized pump strainer pot and strainer basket made of V4A stainless steel

Ospa quality – Made In Germany!

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