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Thanks to innovation, sophisticated products, sustainability and exceptional quality, Ospa swimming pool technology was honored as the best brand of 2018 in the sanitary industry with the sought-after X Plus Award. In addition, three Ospa products were also recognized by the top-level jury with the Plus X Award for "Best Product of 2018." The Plus X Award represents a significant purchase recommendation for advancement that directly benefits the customer. It's the factor that makes life simpler, more convenient and is ecologically sensible.

The 15th innovation prize for products from the areas of technology, sports and lifestyle recognized the products Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web, Ospa PowerSwim 3.5 and Ospa WellSwim in the categories of innovation, design, operating convenience and high quality.

"Just as with earlier recognitions, we not only feel very honored, but also validated and committed to continuing to develop future-oriented innovations for our market!" affirmed Michael Pauser, CEO of Ospa Schwimmbadtechnik. Innovations are the foundation of permanent success for companies – including Ospa.

The innovation of versatility

With the new product Ospa WellSwim, Ospa presents a versatile water feature. It is a hybrid between a counter-current system and a massage station. The user decides themselves, by the touch of a finger, between a wellness massage and a comfortable counter-current swim. In addition to the functionality, the high Ospa quality of this new product was recognized in particular. Its exceptional design integrates harmoniously into any pool. It is a consistent overall concept that the Plus X Award takes into account with its recognitions.

Exceptional functionality, maximum operating convenience

Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web took home a total of 4 awards. Particularly in the areas of functionality and operating convenience, it surpassed other products. It controls and monitors all functions of the swimming pool, the water features as well as lighting and ventilation in an energy efficient manner. The new touch screen, with a modern design, makes operation more intuitive and comfortable than ever before. In addition, all functions can also be easily controlled via smart phone or tablet.

Best product of the year

Ospa PowerSwim 3.5 won in a total of 5 categories. It enables counter-current swimming in an entirely new dimension and converts any pool into a challenging swimming channel. With 6 individually adjustable training programs, the system offers something for everyone, from relaxed counter-current swimming to powerful, long-distance training.

Ospa-BlueControl® IV Web

Ospa-BlueControl® IV Web

Enjoy your swimming pool, simply carefree. The 4th generation of the award-winning Ospa BlueControl central swimming pool control leaves nothing more to be desired when it comes to mobility.

Ospa PowerSwim 3.5

Ospa PowerSwim 3.5

With Ospa, counter-current swimming has now entered new dimensions: the innovative new Ospa PowerSwim 3.5 counter-current system converts your pool into a challenging swimming channel.

Ospa WellSwim

Ospa WellSwim

With WellSwim, the new wellness experience from Ospa, you decide between wellness massage and comfortable counter-current swimming with the touch of a finger.

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