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As of 2021, Ospa is a climate-neutral manufacturer!

In terms of environmental protection, we have taken a leading role for many years. As of 2021, we have significantly increased our commitment to climate issues. To great success: Ospa is completely climate-neutral!

For more than 10 years, we have focused on the development of energy-efficient water treatment systems for whirlpools and swimming pools. We have already achieved exceptional results here with our BlueControl control system and energy-optimized filtration systems and pumps. In addition, our Ospa BlueClear® disinfection reduces required chemicals by up to 75%, to the noticeable benefit of Ospa water quality.

Because the production of our products also requires energy, we undertook many energy saving measures early. By changing over to environmentally friendly heating systems and our own in-house photovoltaic system, which covers approx. 30% of our electricity consumption, we have already been able to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by about 15%. Thanks to the complete changeover to electricity from renewable sources, we will reduce them a further 10% in 2021. These are all important steps toward more energy efficiency. However, a manufacturing company cannot avoid all energy use.

„Today, everyone is talking about global warming and about the related carbon footprint. Rightly so, we believe. But just talking is no longer enough. It is time to act.“

Michael Pauser, Ospa Schwimmbadtechnik


Achieving the climate goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and stopping climate change requires commitment from citizens – and from companies. We must take responsibility for our actions and we are also prepared to invest the necessary funds.

For that reason, our company decided to make Ospa climate-neutral as of 2021, in that its energy consumption is balanced by certified CO2 certificates.

We enlisted the sustainability consulting company "Fokus Zukunft" to calculate our carbon footprint. This was followed by the development of measures for preventing and reducing CO2. A last measure focused on balancing by participating in certified climate protection projects. On the basis of the determined numbers and through the purchase of a corresponding quantity of climate certificates, Ospa ultimately became climate-neutral and was officially declared a "climate-neutral company."

„We recognized that we can only effectively counteract climate change with voluntary emissions reductions. We align our actions accordingly.“

Stefan Pauser, Ospa Schwimmbadtechnik


In selecting the supported climate protection projects, we considered not only the CO2 balance, but also incorporated all of the UN's 17 "Sustainable Development Goals." For us, it was important to promote sustainable development in the countries in which projects were supported, to improve people's living situations there and to thereby enable them to act in a more environmentally conscientious way. We therefore supported a forest project in Peru that was certified under the sovereignty of the "Verified Carbon Standard," as well as a water project in Uganda, certified under the sovereignty of the United Nations UN CER and validated by TÜV Rheinland.

As a company producing CO2-neutrally, Ospa is not only a pioneer – by our joining of the "Alliance for Development and Climate," we are also committing to a long-term policy of sustainability. This means that we will pay even closer attention to the sustainability of our products and our water treatment systems in the future.

You can learn more about the Ospa energy concept here.

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