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Ospa is excellent: German Brand Award for Brand Excellence goes to Ospa

German Brand Award 2019 goes to Ospa

We are proud to be able to celebrate another major recognition for our 90th anniversary. Following the TOP 100 Award and the Plus-X-Award 2018, we have now been recognized with the German Brand Award.

An award for pioneering brand management
Ospa receives the coveted seal of quality for 2019 in the category of "Industry Excellence in Branding – Heating & Bathroom." The Rat für Formgebung ("Design Council"), initiated more than 60 years ago by the German Bundestag and known as the organizer of the renowned German Design Award, awards this prize to pioneering brands and brand creators – and in doing so, emphasizes the importance of brand management as a crucial success factor for companies.

Exceptional in five categories
Submissions are evaluated according to the criteria of independence and brand-typical features, brand conciseness, differentiation from competition and target group relevance. Brand management should consider aspects such as sustainability, innovation, continuity and future viability. Factors such as the design quality of the brand presence, the homogeneity of the brand experience and economic success also play a decisive role in the judging process.

Of 1250 submissions, a total of 24 companies received the coveted seal of quality in the category of Heating & Bathroom.

Innovations for 90 years
An independent jury of brand experts from a variety of disciplines is responsible for the decision to grant the German Brand Award. It is brand values that have made Ospa a market leader and a driver of innovation in the swimming pool industry: our Swabian, family-owned business has been creating wellness pools since 1929. In order to continually support its reputation as a top innovator in the swimming pool industry, the company invests a great deal into the development of new products and processes. The latest example is the Ospa TopSwim, the first all-in-one counter-current swimming system for all pools.

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