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Ospa Museum – unique corporate museum

The history of the Ospa filter in the new Ospa museum

With the first factory museum in the swimming pool industry, Ospa celebrates 88 years of company history and the entrepreneurial spirit of the company founder Oscar Pauser, who founded the company in 1929. The slogan of the permanent exhibition is "From pioneer to market leader."

The unique museum offers fascinating insights into the beginnings of swimming pool technology.

The development laboratory of company founder Oscar Pauser was recreated with attention to detail using original devices based on photographs.

More than 50 historical exhibits in a 100 m² space demonstrate technical developments, all the way up to today. These include the legendary Ospa slurry elevator and the Ospa coin-operated hair dryer. Ospa developed technical solutions for water treatment in swimming pools at an early stage. For example, the first electrolysis systems for private swimming pools and the first filtration systems can be seen in the museum. It is always worth it to have vision, as is demonstrated by the development of measurement and control technology through numerous exhibits, all the way up to today's BlueControl, a milestone in the swimming pool industry.

A highlight of the exhibition is certainly the historical, hand-painted trade show placards from the 1950's, which have survived the years intact in the Ospa archive.

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