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The most athletic swimming feeling of all time

Top triathlete Laura Philipp has been Ospa's brand ambassador since 2016. The collaboration is also now bearing fruit for the first time in the advancement of our products: Based on detailed analyses and tests, our engineers have developed the next generation of athletic counter-current swimming – the new Ospa-PowerSwim 3.5!

Ospa-PowerSwim 3.5 is characterized by an even stronger current and a more effective arrangement and alignment of current jets. These create a uniform, low-turbulence and low-wave current in the pool, which nearly perfectly simulates swimming in open water, even in small pools! Our new software for current calculation and simulation is able to determine the ideal arrangement of the system for every pool shape. This ensures that the investment guarantees maximum customer satisfaction.

Installation is also easier with the new PowerSwim 3.5, thanks to the pre-assembled PVC distributor. In concreted pools, the distributor can be mounted on a piece in the shuttering without cumbersome alignment work or having to destroy the shuttering.

Our engineers have also considered its use in every type of prefabricated pool, however. Specific installation parts are available for stainless steel, PVC, polyester or liner pools, for example. In addition, the new Ospa Design-Line jets are internally-sealing.

With 5.5 kW or 7.5 kW FC pumps, Ospa PowerSwim 3.5 and the Ospa BlueControl together offer customized swimming and training enjoyment, whether for leisure, therapeutic or performance swimming.

You can find more information on Ospa PowerSwim here.

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