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vivell+co at Giardina in Zürich

Giardina is one of the leading exhibitions in Europe for back yard living. There, current trends, new products and creative solutions for back yard design are presented. Back yard swimming can't be forgotten either, of course. 

Vivell – Ospa's exclusive partner in Switzerland – again presented innovative Ospa swimming pool technology this year. The elaborately designed shared booth provided a fitting setting for fascinating conversations with customers and interested parties. What will back yard pools look like this year? Where are the trends headed? With all manner of inspirations at the exhibition, interested parties were successfully shown how important technology is, on the one hand, and how comfortably it disappears into the background with fully automatically operating Ospa technology, on the other. Furthermore, the unique Ospa BlueClear technology also provides skin and eye-friendly swimming pool water without any chlorine odor.

That pleased visitors and gave room to discuss design. Now spring can begin.

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