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Municipal Pool Technology
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Innovation through research and development

For more than 90 years, we have worked to create a carefree and unique swimming experience for our customers. Our own department for research and development has created numerous important innovations, many of which have been patented and recognized by awards. It all comes together in our uncompromising standards of quality and our love for details when it comes to planning, production and quality control. 

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Chief of development and CEO Stefan Pauser

"Ospa's story is a story of innovations, and our research and development department could be considered the engine of the company. We are always thinking about which solutions will take us and our customers forward."

Maximum precision and quality, „Made in Germany“

Ospa is the only manufacturer in the industry Ospa that develops and produces all of its water treatment components here in Germany. This allows us to guarantee carefully coordinated components that combine to create effective water treatment systems.

In doing so, we prioritize the highest quality and set standards with high quality materials and first-rate processing. Some pieces are even still produced by hand in order to meet our high standards. As a result, the durability and robustness of our systems guarantee perfect water quality, even after many years – naturally "Made in Germany."

Made in Germany

Passion for innovation

Inventing and tinkering are firmly anchored in our corporate DNA. Already in the 1950s, Ospa developed a novel disinfection method which was patented in 1960 as a "Chlorozone unit." It was followed, among other things, by a super filter with activated carbon (1977); Ospa-BlueControl® (2002), the first swimming pool computer with touch-screen operation; Ospa-EcoClean (2010), the especially energy-efficient filter; and the Ospa app BlueCheck, for remote access to water temperature, whirlpool, control and system operation. And the next innovations are already in progress.