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Sustainability as a fundamental focus

Sustainability is not mere window dressing to us, but instead a fundamental focus. We have long enjoyed a pioneering role in our industry when it comes to climate protection. For many years, we have focused on the development of energy-efficient water treatment systems for whirlpools and swimming pools. We have also been able to reduce our CO2 emissions in the company itself by about 25% per year through energy-saving measures and the complete conversion to electricity from renewable sources.

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One planet, one chance. Our philosophy.

Our philosophy is simple but challenging and focuses on two aspects that are particularly close to our hearts: people and the environment. This means that we protect your health above all and wish to increase your wellness. At the same time, however, this should not occur at the expense of the environment. Our concept for especially gentle and protective water treatment thus applies both to your personal swimming enjoyment, for one, and also to the conservative use of resources, for another. That is, minimal use of water treatment chemicals and energy. Our water treatment technology therefore operates efficiently and extensively automatically.

Energy efficiency and active environmental protection

Energy efficiency is an important key to our successful environmental protection. To this end, Ospa relies on the most modern swimming pool technology and innovative control computers in order to lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to natural common salt and highly effective activated carbon, consumption of disinfectant and pH correction agent is minimal. With energy-efficient swimming pool technology from Ospa, you not only save resources, time and money, but you also actively contribute to climate protection. And you do so with the healthiest natural and spring-fresh swimming pool water possible.

First climate-neutral company in the industry

Energy efficiency and climate protection have played important roles at Ospa for many years. We strive to contribute to achieving the climate goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and to stopping climate change. Therefore we have significantly increased our commitment to climate issues as of 2021. To great success: Ospa is the first company in the industry to be climate-neutral.