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Enjoy a feeling of wellness Ospa massage station

The Ospa massage station provides for limitless swimming enjoyment and a relaxed feeling of wellness.

Intense massage experience

Pure relaxation through targeted massage of tight muscles with the massage jets embedded in the pool wall. These are operated by a single massage pump – which is also speed controlled upon request. The air admixture provides for an especially intense massage experience.

Made in Germany


  • Comfortable massage effect through air admixture
  • Jets can be custom arranged – your Ospa consultant is happy to advise you!
  • Usable by multiple people simultaneously
  • Targeted massage through jets at different heights


  • Fittings for prefabricated pools or concrete pools
  • Components available with plastic or high quality stainless steel bezels
  • Controlled via Ospa-BlueControl® or sensor button
  • Suitable for salt water
Ospa MassageT Air

Ospa MassageT Air

The new Ospa MassageT Air massage station brings pure wellness massage directly to your swimming pool.

Ospa MassagePublic

Ospa MassagePublic

Multiple guests can enjoy a wellness massage at the same time with the Ospa-MassagePublic massage station.