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A feeling of wellness Ospa-MassagePublic

With the Ospa MassagePublic massage station, you can create tingling bathing enjoyment with a relaxation factor, tailored to your requirements. With up to 8 jets, which can be individually arranged, targeted partial body massage can be performed for multiple people at once.

Up to 8 jets can be individually arranged
Ospa all-in-one package – everything from a single source!

Made in Germany

Ideal for large pools A flexible solution

It is undisputed that massage promotes good health. A variety of needs can be addressed with up to 8 jets. This allows different parts of the body to be specially massaged. With the individual arrangement of up to 8 jets, multiple people can enjoy wellness massage from Ospa at the same time.

Individual arrangement of jets.


  • Comfortable massage effect through air admixture
  • Jets can be individually arranged
  • Usable by multiple people simultaneously
  • Targeted partial body massage through jets installed at different heights