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Pure wellness experience Ospa-MassageT

Use the Ospa MassageT massage station to choose a relaxing wellness massage at the touch of a finger. The T-shaped arrangement of the 4 DesignLine jets is ideally suited for a relaxing back massage after a stressful day.

Ospa Sensor button - simple operation directly in the water
Particularly energy-efficient, thanks to the Ospa FC pump

Made in Germany

Works wonders on tense necks T-shaped jet arrangement

It is undisputed that massage promotes good health. The shoulder areas and the mid-back are relieved in particular by the T-shaped arrangement of the jets. However, it's not just the arrangement that plays a role here. The varying nozzle diameters make the massage especially comfortable and effective.

Of course, the design also plays an important role in addition to functionality. After all, a massage station should also look great in the water. The flat Ospa DesignLine jets, with their screwless design polished to a high gloss, are especially elegant.

Ospa DesignLine jets


  • 4 Ospa DesignLine jets, polished stainless steel
  • T-shaped arrangement of jets
  • Operated via Ospa Sensor button
  • Premanufactured distribution system for simple installation
  • Inside-sealing jets
  • Suitable for all types of pools
  • Hair-safe suction cover