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Activation/deactivation and power control Ospa sensor button

Want to operate water features easily and directly in the pool? Then the Ospa sensor button is right for you.


The bezel is made from high-gloss polished V4A stainless steel (1.4571) or white plastic; the sturdy and waterproof housing is made of PVC. The possible structural heights are 3 mm, 6 mm or flush.

Installation in all types of pools

The UniPVC mounting pot with adhesive flange (optionally with flange set) or a mounting pot for welding to stainless steel pools are available for installation in all pool types. Water features can be activated and deactivated or power-adjusted using the sensor button. Ideal for connection to Ospa BlueControl®. The sensor is easy to find thanks to its standby lighting. The feature is activated or deactivated by touching the sensor. If you touch the sensor again, the power of the feature is adjusted in 5 steps via the pump's frequency control. The chosen power stage is indicated by the color intensity of the sensor. The last power stage adjusted is saved. The lamp color of the sensor can be customized.

Ospa worry-free package

Made in Germany


  • Sensor button in new Ospa DesignLine design
  • No visible fastening screws
  • Also suitable for installation below the water level
  • Can be installed in all pool types
  • Easy control of water features by touch (on, off, power control)


  • Aperture diameter: 90 mm, whirlpool version: 50 mm
  • Can be installed under water
  • 5-stage power control
  • Color power indicator
  • Power controller for FC pumps
  • Weld-on pot for stainless steel pools