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Maximum operating convenience Swimming pool measurement and control technology

The intelligent Ospa BlueControl® measurement and control technology precisely controls and monitors all functions of your swimming pool or whirlpool. With its innovative technology, Ospa BlueControl® not only saves energy, but also ensures that all water parameters are always in the green. Now you can control the entire swimming pool from your PC, smart phone or tablet.

The innovative control computer for your wellness swimming pool
Fully automatic monitoring and control of all swimming pool functions
Touch screen operation of all swimming pool components
Controls all energy saving functions — for maximum cost-effectiveness

Made in Germany

Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web

Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web

  • The convenient swimming pool control
  • Can be used for all types of swimming pools

Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web

  • The innovative swimming pool control
  • Perfect water quality at all times
  • Energy-efficient pool control
  • Easy integration into building services engineering
  • Mobile operation via smartphone, tablet or Internet
All Ospa EcoClean filters are characterized by their high level of energy efficiency
Easy operation via touch screen and graphical control interfaces
The precise regulation saves water treatment resources and energy

Water quality, climate, features and much more An intelligent, thinking control

Ospa BlueControl® 5 Web

Discover the symbiosis of perfect convenience and maximum safety. The intelligent Ospa BlueControl® system fully automatically and precisely controls and monitors all functions of your swimming pool.

Water quality, water temperature, room climate, counter-current system and lighting – Ospa-BlueControl® 5 Web unifies all functions in one device. With this innovative technology, you are assured that energy is saved and all water values are in the optimum range.

  • Fully automatic control system with measurement station for chlorine, pH, redox value and temperature
  • Simple, intuitive operation via 7" touch screen with graphical interface
  • Minimal maintenance effort thanks to fully automatic control of all functions
  • Integrated web server and Ethernet interface
  • Optional interfaces for connection to KNX/EIB, Modbus-RTU or Crestron building control technology

Also in silver and gold design

Ospa BlueControl® in silver design

Ospa BlueControl® in gold design


  • Go mobile and easily control your swimming pool from your smart phone or tablet
  • Simple and intuitive: controlled with the newly designed interfaces
  • Minimal maintenance effort thanks to fully automatic control of water parameters and water temperature
  • Control all functions with one device (water parameters, swimming water treatment system, water features)
  • Adjustable alarm limits for chlorine, pH and redox value
  • Ospa energy program for energy-efficient operation of the Ospa system
  • Interfaces enable connection to KNX/EIB or Crestron control technology


  • Display, monitor and control pH, redox and chlorine value as well as swimming water temperature
  • Compact control with touch screen in 7.0" or 10.4" sizes
  • Incl. measurement station and measurement value logger
  • Additionally available: BlueControl® DMX light control, climate control and GSM modem
  • Expandable with Ospa BlueControl® remote pilot

Ospa BlueControl® – Measurement Station

The Ospa measurement station with touch screen display records all water values and forwards them to BlueControl® over the Ospa swimming pool bus. The Ospa measuring cell quickly and precisely determines the relevant values with its pH and redox electrodes, temperature sensor and potentiostatic 3-electrode chlorine measurement. In addition to the water testing set and the pH buffer solutions, the installation-ready wall panel provides space for the flow monitor, the inlet screen, and the shut-off valves and sampling instruments.

Enjoy freedom on the go By smart phone, tablet or Internet

Whether comfortably on the living room couch, outside in the back yard, at hotel reception or full of anticipation at the office: with Ospa-BlueControl® 5 Web, you can conveniently control your swimming pool via your WLAN. With your smart phone or tablet, you have access to your entire wellness oasis at the touch of a finger: check the water values, control the air conditioning system or reprogram your pool and room lighting. With the Ethernet interface, you can easily integrate your BlueControl® 5 Web into your network and enjoy freedom on the go.

  • Convenient swimming pool control via tablet, smart phone or Internet
  • Easy to integrate into your network
  • Including GSM wireless modem for remote access
Mobile operating convenience for your wellness oasis
Ospa complete worry-free package Ospa system technology – everything from one source

Fantastically easy Maximum operating convenience

Counter-current system

Create up to 6 personalized training programs, each with 5 successive power stages of customizable strength and duration.


Control 9 lighting scenes for more lighting atmosphere in the pool.

Water features

Full control over the strength and runtime of water features.

Pool cover

Reduces consumption of electricity and heating energy at the touch of a button.

Climate control

Comfortable climate in the entire wellness area.

Water quality

Fully automatic control of Ospa water quality.

Ospa BlueControl® control cabinet

The Ospa-BlueControl® control cabinet is the control center for all of the swimming pool technology. All information comes together here. Whether water treatment, lighting, climate control, cover or water features, all important functions and values of the system are automatically monitored and controlled. All electrical components are protectively housed in the connection-ready and factory-inspected Ospa control cabinet. It's professional, and ensures a long service life.

Ospa-CompactControl® S

Ospa-CompactControl® S

  • The affordable digital swimming pool control
  • Ideal for new construction or for expanding and modernizing existing systems

Ospa-CompactControl® S

  • Ospa compact control unit for pump and filter control
  • Ospa Compact Measurement Station III for measuring and regulating water values
  • Precise detection of water quality through potentiostatic 3-electrode chlorine measurement
  • Integrated Modbus RTU interface for integration into existing building control technology
  • Mounted complete and ready-to-connect with Ospa water testing set
  • Color touch-screen computer
  • Direct control of Ospa-BlueClear® disinfection
  • 3 connections for Cl, pH+, pH- dosing systems with reserve notification
  • Ospa Cl/ pH water testing set
  • Buffer solution pH 7; pH 9
Easy operation via touch screen and graphical control interfaces
Preassembled ready for connection
The precise regulation saves water treatment resources and energy
Ospa BlueCheck

Ospa BlueCheck

Mobile and always up to date: The web app for monitoring and remote control of your Ospa water treatment system.