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Your smart pool of tomorrow, with Ospa BlueCheck

Mobile, flexible and secure! You can experience the smart pool of tomorrow today thanks to innovative Ospa technology. With the innovative Ospa BlueCheck, you can monitor and control all important functions of your Ospa water treatment systems from anywhere in the world. This allows us to connect convenience to security and sophisticated functionality.

All systems at a glance

Mobile and always up to date

The Ospa BlueCheck web app, for monitoring and remotely controlling your Ospa water treatment system, is always with you. No matter if you want to warm up your whirlpool on the way home or make sure that everything is okay at home when you go on vacation: the fully automatic remote monitoring system always provides you with all of the information you need. Check your water parameters and operating resource levels from your smart phone, tablet or PC and set values such as temperature or filtration system runtimes directly via the web app – incredibly easily and simply, at the touch of a finger.

The solution for more than a pool

Do you have more than just a swimming pool system at your vacation rental home, for example? The Ospa BlueCheck web app is well equipped for this as well. You can use it to remotely monitor your systems yourself and receive reserve messages and fault notifications via email.

Maintenance contract customers can also transfer these to Ospa customer service or Ospa service partners.

Highest security standard

The Ospa BlueCheck web app is centrally hosted on cloud-based, firewall-protected servers in the EU. What's more, the application provides the highest level of security for your home network: data transmission is encrypted and password-protected according to the EU Data Protection Directive – regardless of the terminal device. This means you can enjoy your SmartPool fully at ease.


Monitoring and remote control by app