Flat, effective and modern Ospa DesignLine flat skimmer

The Ospa DesignLine flat skimmer is characterized by a low profile height and a modern design. Use it to increase the water level of your swimming pool and create a visually appealing waterline.

No removal cover in the tiles

Enjoy the sophisticated Ospa technology you are familiar with in our new Ospa Design-Line flat skimmer. Despite the low height of the skimmer, the strainer can be easily removed from the front and cleaned. This prevents the tiling from being interrupted by an ugly removal cover .

High quality processing

The housing is manufactured completely from V4A stainless steel. With the high-gloss bezel and skimmer flap, it beautifully integrates into any pool as a DesignLine element.

Low distance from the water surface to the pool edge
Skimmer flap made of high gloss V4A stainless steel
No removal cover required in the tiles
Functional, stylish and high quality

Made in Germany