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Exceptional Fitness studios with sport and spa

Whether for strength, endurance or therapeutic rehabilitation training, a swimming pool is an outstanding addition to conventional training programs for any modern fitness studio. It also serves as a unique selling point over the competition and is a convincing argument for many new customers.
Movement in water is beneficial and trains the entire body and immune system in an enjoyable way. After a strenuous spinning class or energy-draining rehabilitation training session, it also provides just the right relaxation for the perfect fitness experience.

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Warm up on the elliptical, do some circuit training on the machines and then plunge into cool water – swim training is unquestionably part of well-balanced and diverse training today. Few other types of sport simultaneously train so many different muscle groups of the body and are so easy on the joints at the same time.
To satisfy both operators as well as users of the fitness studio, a sophisticated design is required that addresses all desires and requirements individually. In developing this perfect plan, our Ospa consultants are entirely in their element. The hygienic expectations of swimming guests of the high quality water treatment by the Ospa filters and disinfection systems are exceeded and answered with odorless, pure swimming pool water. The operator of the fitness studio, meanwhile, benefits from the simple and fully automatic operation of the wellness system, which achieves impressive energy efficiency and low operating costs thanks to the innovative Ospa-BlueControl® swimming pool control system

As a result, an athletic experience of the highest quality is always provided in the fitness studio.

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