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Municipal Pool Technology
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Therapeutic Hospital & spa pools

Water treatment with an ozone stage is prescribed for therapy pools. This process combination is particularly recommended for spa and hospital pools and is designed for maximum hygiene and reliable, continuous operation of a swimming pool. Germ-free swimming water in the best quality and without unpleasant chlorine odor for patients and spa guests are our prerequisites for high quality water treatment.

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Healing waters and thermal waters have long been important healing tools for treating many ailments and complaints. Underwater massages, medicinal baths and all manner of exercises and applications in exercise pools are indispensable therapies. It's no wonder that the use of water in the healthcare field is subject to the highest possible demands for quality. That's why it goes without saying that Ospa regularly exceeds the requirements for pool water in the healthcare field according to DIN 19643. For this reason, many hospitals and sanatoriums rely on top-level technology from Ospa. Products such as swimming pool and whirlpool filters, heaters, measurement and control technology are perfectly coordinated with each other, thereby creating the optimal prerequisites for hospital and spa pools.

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