Fascinating indoor pools

Fascinating indoor pools – we have designed and brought to life numerous ideas and dreams of our customers. Completed by flowing transitions, with light art or with elegant purism, indoor pools from Ospa are characterized by their intelligent technology.

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Indoor pools offer swimming enjoyment at the highest level, regardless of the season. Equipped with energy-saving control systems, light, water temperature, pool filters and all other functions are easily operated by touch screen using the Ospa BlueControl® system. An indoor pool is also brought to life by extensive water features, such as a counter-current system, which additionally increases swimming enjoyment in the pool. Be inspired and dive into the world of Ospa indoor pools.

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Image: Patrik Graf, Schwimmbadbau: Steinbauer GmbH, Miltach

Family tradition

Image: Tom Philippi

Distinguished retreat

Image: Tom Philippi

Passionate project

Image: Tom Philippi

Bavarian way of life

Image: Tom Philippi

In the middle of the comfort zone

Image: Peter Hartung

Wellness dream

Image: Tom Bendix

All-around lighting

Image: Tom Philippi

What splendor

Image: Johnen Karhoff

Festival of light

Image: Tom Philippi

Golden Gate

Image: pool aesthetics

Pool in hunting lodge

Image: Thilo Härdtlein

Wellness Teaser

Image: Unbekannt

Terrace view

Image: Tom Philippi

Wellness, with comfort

Image: Tom Philippi

In other spheres

Image: Jens Vievering

The blue lagoon

Image: Tom Philippi

Modern country house style

Image: Tom Philippi

Higher level room

Image: Tom Philipp

Wellness Highlight

Image: Tom Philippi

Experience spaces

Image: Thomas Eichkorn

High end pool

Image: Tom Philippi

Flooded with light

Image: Lisa Bahnmüller

Swimming pool as art gallery

Image: Thilo Härdtlein

Pool with view

Art in the pool

Image: Tom Philippi


Flowing transition

Image: Matthias Malpricht

Idea pool

Image: Peter Allgeier/in-komm.de

Favorite things

Image: Tom Philippi

Second living room

Image: Tom Philippi

Simply beautiful

Image: Tom Philippi

Fairytale indoor pool

Image: Tom Philippi

Impressively unfurled

Image: Bernhard Müller

Black Forest invigoration

Image: David Franck

Quantum art

Image: Tom Bendix

Combo pool with a view