Indoor pool with whirlpool and view of garage

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Modern wellness oasis

Here, it's not just in the evening that you can relax away the workday; you can get started first thing in the morning: this old barn, renovated with great attention to detail, is more than just a place to go swimming and have a sauna.

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For the builder, this wellness oasis is promoted to a favorite spot. Everything that gives him joy can be found here: the 6 x 9 m tiled pool provides an athletic balance to the workday. A sauna and steam bath bring the circulation into order and the whirlpool provides relaxation. A large glass façade provides a good view of rare collector's objects: sports cars. It's enough to make you daydream while swimming.

As perfectly as it is designed, so perfectly must it function, as well. The latest Ospa technology guarantees the carefree operation of this swimming pool and whirlpool combination: this includes the Ospa swimming pool filter 10 EcoClean Super, the Ospa BlueClear®, the Ospa 84 kW pool water heater and Ospa BlueControl®, which conveniently controls all of the swimming pool technology and the water features. The technology intelligently connects the swimming pool to the whirlpool and provides energy exactly where it is needed. Perfectly coordinated components provide for water quality at the highest level and, incidentally, also for maximum energy efficiency.

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Neck surge

The Ospa neck surge is not only beneficial for the muscles in the shoulder and neck area, but also for the eyes. The lively swimming experience with the power of water – and the right answer for tight muscles in the shoulder and neck. You can choose from various designs.

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