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Indoor pool flooded with light with sauna

Flooded with light

Swimming, wellness, sunbathing

Sports, fun, wellness – all of it is possible in this daylight-flooded swimming oasis in the basement. On the roof of the large wellness area with sauna, there is a garden terrace for sunbathing.

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The terrace is easily accessible from the swimming and wellness area through a sliding door. In the pool area, two large skylights attached at the front provide daylight and Ospa LED underwater lighting provides for atmospherically warm lighting in the dark. A counter-current system is also installed in the 11.50 m long pool – it makes swift swimming without turning easy.
The construction, simple at first glance, is borne by exposed concrete pillars. They determine the look and their effect is emphasized by fine stoneware and plaster. The material of the pillars is also reflected in the six-step entry stair into the pool, which skilfully continues the puristic design of the entire area. The Ospa water treatment system always provides perfect healthy water and consists of the Ospa-BlueControl swimming pool control, Ospa Superfilter with additional active carbon layer and Ospa BlueClear® disinfection. With the Ospa BlueControl IV Web swimming pool control system, water features and the swimming pool technology can be comfortably and easily controlled by touch screen.

Water treatment from Ospa

The perfect interplay between Ospa BlueClear® disinfection system, the Ospa Super-Filter from the EcoClean series installed here and the corresponding measurement and control technology with the Ospa BlueControl swimming pool control system provides for uniformly pure, skin and eye-friendly swimming pool water with no bothersome chlorine odor. Energy-saving and efficient, swimming pool technology made in Germany.

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Counter-current system

The innovative Ospa PowerSwim counter-current system converts your pool into a challenging swimming channel. Swim your way to fitness by determining the training level by adjusting the water current strength yourself. In addition to the athletic challenge, there is no shortage of opportunity for calm swimming and the joy of movement.

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Images: Tom Philippi