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High end indoor pool illuminated front view

High end pool

Aesthetics and intelligence – the perfect partnership

Stainless steel used as a pool material realizes the dream of these builders to amplify the elegance of the water and to carry it into the building interior. The result is a large swimming pool with wellness elements that will enthuse fans of the material as well as anyone who values energy efficiency down to the last detail.

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With a counter-current system and massage station, the pool is just as suitable for swim training as it is for relaxation. The builders chose Ospa water treatment so that the water quality is always correct. The combination of Ospa Sandfilter, BlueClear® water disinfection and BlueControl® control fully automatically provides healthy water that is guaranteed to be pure, odorless and friendly to skin and eyes. The technology is controlled by a touch screen, which not only regulates all of the components of the swimming pool. The entire smart home is integrated into the control system via the KNX bus system.

Relaxing with the Ospa massage station

By mixing in air, the Ospa massage jets provide for a comfortable and controllable massage effect, which multiple people can also use simultaneously, depending on the number of jets. The jets can be individually attached and controlled either by BlueControl® or via a sensor button .

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Counter-current system

The innovative Ospa PowerSwim counter-current system converts your pool into a challenging swimming channel. Swim your way to fitness by determining the training level by adjusting the water current strength yourself. In addition to the athletic challenge, there is no shortage of opportunity for calm swimming and the joy of movement.

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Images: Thomas Eichkorn