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Indoor pool with elegant stair entry in front of relief wall

Higher level room

Swimming pool and whirlpool with luxurious comfort

Downstairs in the garage, the classic car collection waits for the next joyride; upstairs, the owner is just relaxing in the infinity whirlpool: the owner had a large addition to his home designed and built for the things close to his heart. In the luxuriously equipped pool room, there is enough room for a 15-meter pool, a separate whirlpool and an adventure shower – with the latest Ospa technology, of course!

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The turquoise-blue pool, illuminated by multiple Ospa LED 15x3W underwater spotlights, invites you to cover the first kilometers of the day athletically with a crawl stroke. The Ospa MassageLounge and the Ospa air bubble recliner loosen the muscles. And, in the roomy whirlpool with Ospa massage station, you can sit back and relax. The spring-like healthy water in this luxurious swimming pool oasis is provided – controlled fully automatically by an Ospa CompactControl S Private – by two separate water circuits with Ospa Filter 16 EcoClean SuperS and Ospa-BlueClear 150L MK for the pool and Ospa Filter 10 EcoClean SuperS, Ospa BlueClear 80L MK for the whirlpool.

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Neck surge

The Ospa neck surge is not only beneficial for the muscles in the shoulder and neck area, but also for the eyes. The lively swimming experience with the power of water – and the right answer for tight muscles in the shoulder and neck. You can choose from various designs.

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Images: Tom Philippi