Passionate project

Passionate project

A passion for wood

Wood is the visually dominant element in the wellness area of this pool installation; the large pool itself is surrounded by natural stone, which is also found around the relaxation area in the form of a gravel bed.

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The visually striking pool installation with relaxation zone is just as suitable for swim training as it is for relaxation after a hard day. One of the builder's desires was for an installation that can be maintained with little effort. The fully automatic water treatment from Ospa provided the solution. The Ospa BlueControl® measurement and control technology not only monitors then entire process of water treatment, but also enables the simple and convenient operation of all water features, such as the counter-current system or the  massage station via touch screen, directly in the pool room..

Clean pool water, guaranteed!

The perfectly coordinated Ospa technology always guarantees the best water quality in the pool. Thorough filtration, gentle disinfection by the BlueClear® system and fully automatic control deliver permanently pure, skin and eye-friendly swimming pool water. The Ospa Filter 10 SuperS does all of the (preliminary) work with an additional active carbon layer and a special filter substrate and reduces the required disinfection effort. The robust design, Made in Germany, provides for a long service life – not only of the filter – and reliably pure healthy water without chlorine odor or burning eyes!

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Underwater loudspeakers

Water gymnastics has never been so fun with music under the water, and swimming enjoyment is intensified.

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Images: Tom Philippi