OSPA is a climate-neutral manufacturer since 2021
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Indoor pool with pool edge made of dark stone Front view

Pool with view

Little space, many ideas

In this wellness area, which extracts the optimum from a limited offering of space, you feel very close to nature.

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Three offset levels and natural materials create an extraordinary spatial experience, with luxuriant furnishings: from the pool with underwater lighting and massage jets to the waterfall shower to the glass-encased panoramic sauna, nothing is left out. Sophisticated Ospa swimming pool technology provides for healthy water and optimal energy efficiency. As a result, you can relax while you enjoy the spectacular view of the parkland outside.

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Underwater lighting

Dive into fantastic and wonderfully colored swimming pool water and experience moments of very special atmosphere while you glide through the wellness water in your perfect swimming pool. In the darkness and twilight, it's "Lights off, spotlight on."

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Images: Thilo Härdtlein