Indoor pool with view of the bed from the end

Simply beautiful

Extra-long pool with maximum swimming convenience

Out of bed and directly into the pool: a little extravagance is called for, the owners probably thought, when they designed the swimming pool for their otherwise classically simple bungalow.

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Because directly at the end of the 12 m long, 3 m wide pool, a reclining landscape invites you to relax before or after swimming laps.

The large indoor pool was designed as the central component of the L-shaped building and is directly adjacent to the living room area. A large glass façade opens the room to the back yard, while bright natural stone sets cozy accents inside. Effectively placed underwater spotlights immerse the pool in cool blue during the day, while warm purple hues dominate at night. 

So that athletic water lovers could be entirely in their element, spring-fresh water without swimming pool odor was prioritized. The powerful heart of the system is an automatic water treatment system, consisting of an Ospa Filter 16 Super with active carbon filtration and an Ospa BlueClear®. The water quality is reliably monitored and controlled by an Ospa BlueControl® III Web . The lighting effects are controlled by DMX lighting technology, and can be accessed via smart phone.

All that remains is to decide: "Relax first and then swim, or swim first and then relax?" – we leave that up to the user.

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Underwater lighting

Dive into fantastic and wonderfully colored swimming pool water and experience moments of very special atmosphere while you glide through the wellness water in your perfect swimming pool. In the darkness and twilight, it's "Lights off, spotlight on."

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Images: Tom Philippi