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Indoor pool with golden vase, rattan recliner and view of the back yard

Wellness Highlight

Athletic wellness oasis

This wellness oasis for body and spirit not only serves for relaxation; the elongated pool is also inviting for athletic swimming.

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One leads to the other here: large reflex zones, reclining to relax and a superior pool which connects athleticism and relaxation. And while the stress of the day dissolves under the beneficial massage of the neck surge, your gaze slides out across the large back yard. And once you're recharged with energy, the athletic challenge of the counter-current system is waiting. Meanwhile, the crystal-clear, skin and eye-friendly swimming pool water is provided by the reliable Ospa swimming pool technology with filtration, treatment and the intelligent Ospa BlueControl® IV Web control.

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Neck surge

The Ospa neck surge is not only beneficial for the muscles in the shoulder and neck area, but also for the eyes. The lively swimming experience with the power of water – and the right answer for tight muscles in the shoulder and neck. You can choose from various designs.

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Images: Tom Philippi