Outdoor pool General view with view

Back yard pool with a view

Sparkling glass mosaic

Small glass mosaic tiles made of mother-of-pearl provide for an impressive effect in this 12 x 3 pool.

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The energy efficiency of the system was particularly important to the builder, and is a true highlight due to a heat exchanger and the solar collectors. This is also true for the control system: using the cutting-edge Ospa BlueControl® III Web, the owner can comfortably control the pool technology from a tablet or smart phone and can check the water parameters from anywhere in the world.. In addition, Ospa Filter EcoClean and Ospa BlueClear® provide for spring-like and eye-friendly water quality.

A counter-current system was installed for the required action and fitness, while a neck surge and a quadruple strength massage station is available for subsequent relaxation. A whirlpool is available in the interior of the renovated luxury bungalow for an optimal wellness experience, even on cold days.

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Massage station

Pure relaxation through targeted massage of tight muscles with the massage jets embedded in the pool wall. These are operated by a single massage pump – which is also speed controlled upon request. The air admixture provides for an especially intensive massage experience.

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Images: Tom Philippi