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Outdoor pool open in back yard with dog

Bavarian treat

Wellness water in the back yard

In the spacious back yard, in the middle of a lawn area, there is a large outdoor pool, which benefits functionally as well as aesthetically from its bordering made of timber boards.

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The wood used for the pool surround is the same used for the deck. This creates a visual connection between the house and back yard.

Swimming enjoyment is the highest priority in this pool. The wood around the pool reduces the amount of dirt carried in when entering. Impeccable wellness water is provided at all times by the combination of an Ospa high performance filter and Ospa BlueClear® disinfection. All water parameters are easily monitored by touch screen using the Ospa BlueControl® measurement and control technology. The water, which is always perfect and friendly to the eyes and skin, is heated to a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius by a basic heat pump.

Underwater lighting from Ospa

Particularly in the evening hours, underwater lighting provides for atmospheric moments. The RGB-LED high performance spotlights from Ospa sit in a strong stainless steel housing and are flexibly installed in the pool wall. The lighting mood, like the water quality, is controlled via the touch screen of the Ospa BlueControl® swimming pool control system.

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Underwater lighting

Dive into fantastic and wonderfully colored swimming pool water and experience moments of very special atmosphere while you glide through the wellness water in your perfect swimming pool. In the darkness and twilight, it's "Lights off, spotlight on."

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Images: Tom Philippi