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Combo pool indoor pool front view

Combo pool with a view

Double the joy

What's better than swimming in the fresh air? And what is more comfortable during wind and weather than relaxing in your own indoor pool?

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When designing their new house, the builders decided to make their dream a reality: in order to be able to swim comfortably and carefree the entire year round, they built both an outdoor and an indoor pool. The indoor pool, with overflow technology, is located in the basement level of the house. The film-lined pool measures 4 x 8 m and is equipped with the same features as the outdoor pool. The Ospa PowerSwim® counter-current system can be individually programmed and can be coordinated with a personalized training plan. Optimal relaxation after working out is provided by the Ospa massage stations. In addition, there are underwater spotlights from Ospa in both pools, along with invigorating waterfall showers. The indoor pool is easily controlled by Ospa BlueControl®.

Outside, on the natural stone terrace, the outdoor pool sparkles in Caribbean blue. At 4 x 12 m, it is somewhat larger than its little brother inside the house. Another difference from the indoor pool is the infinity technology, in which the overflow channel is located only on one side of the pool. The crystal-clear healthy water is thanks to the latest Ospa technology: both pools are equipped with a matching system for water treatment. In addition to Ospa BlueClear® and pH value dosing, a variety of Ospa filters are used. The pools are heated by connection to the domestic heating system and using two 36-kW heaters from Ospa. As a result, the builders can enjoy perfectly temperature-controlled water at every time of year – outside and in.

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Neck surge

The Ospa neck surge is not only beneficial for the muscles in the shoulder and neck area, but also for the eyes. The lively swimming experience with the power of water – and the right answer for tight muscles in the shoulder and neck. You can choose from various designs.

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Images: Tom Bendix