Majorcan outdoor pool with view of nature and sea

Referenz Endless expanse

Luxury pool with dreamlike view

There is nowhere better to enjoy a sunset than on the air bubble recliner of this dreamlike pool.

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This seemingly infinite pool provides a grandiose view of the Majorcan coast. The 15m long swimming pool required all of the skill of the architect and swimming pool builders. Due to the tight spaces, the entire water treatment technology, including the Ospa Filter and Ospa BlueClear®, is distributed with great skill over four different levels around the pool.

With every swim stroke against the Ospa PowerSwim® counter-current system, you can sense the endless distance and the feeling of freedom. The ergonomically shaped air bubble recliner invites you to relax after swimming, while the Ospa massage stations provide for pure wellness luxury.

The pool is a eye-catcher at night, too – the cleverly installed LED underwater spotlights set the unique scene of the villa's pool landscape.

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Air bubble jet recliner

Lie comfortably in the air bubbles and relax. Relax comfortably after athletic swimming on the air bubble jet recliner. Multiple systems with up to 3 recliners each can be integrated into the pool body.

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Images: Tom Bendix