Majorcan outdoor pool in back yard with terrace and palm trees

Harmoniously integrated

An island in the pool

The pool house of this Majorcan property is perfectly integrated into nature. It offers an oasis of rest and rejuvenation.

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The pool beckons with a wide variety of water features: a neck surge offers an invitation for a relaxing massage, the Ospa PowerSwim® counter-current system provides athletic action. Then, relax on the air bubble recliner. The 15 x 5 m pool, clad with a glass mosaic, has an unusual shape, formed by a linear and a semi-circular part.

Modern  water treatment technology was important to the builder, so a fully automatic Ospa BlueClear® with integrated BUS system was installed. The Ospa pool filter provides for clear, odorless, top-class swimming pool water. This Mediterranean wellness oasis leaves nothing to be desired in a relaxation and athletic offering!

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Air bubble jet recliner

Lie comfortably in the air bubbles and relax. Relax comfortably after athletic swimming on the air bubble jet recliner. Multiple systems with up to 3 recliners each can be integrated into the pool body.

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Images: Tom Bendix