Outdoor pool

Referenz Raw beauty

At first glance, the 12m outdoor exposed concrete pool appears decidedly utilitarian. Upon closer examination, however, it proves to be a versatile piece of paradise.

In the center of the pool, an Ospa Wild Spring recessed in the floor beckons. The pool edges, simulating granular terrazzo, are also full of the latest technology: a counter-current system challenges athletic swimmers at the end. Four vertically arranged jets of an Ospa massage station 4 provide pleasant back sensations. And, at night, three Ospa LED RGB+white underwater spotlights provide atmospheric color effects.

An Ospa filter 10 and an Ospa BlueClear disinfection system provide for excellent swimming enjoyment, controlled and monitored by an Ospa BlueControl IV Web – even when the owners are away.


Wild Spring

For everyone who loves moving water and floating on water jets. Powerful water shoots upward out of a jet in the pool floor in a wide current and breaks over the surface like a wave.

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Images: Otec