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Outdoor with terrace and back yard

Top class pool

Athletic wellness guaranteed

In this successful overall design concept of a fitness facility with adjoining wellness area, the pool was completely integrated into the idyllic park grounds.

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As an interface between athletic ambitions and beneficial relaxation, a swimming pool that could be used year-round with an around-the-clock water temperature of 32 to 33 °C was important to the builder. Access from the indoor pool with whirlpool, Finnish sauna, steam bath and shower to the outdoor pool creates a smart connection with short distances. Energy saving functions, by means of the Ospa BlueControl®, play a central role for the 25-meter swimming pool, made of hard PVC with whirlpool combination. Nightly water level lowering, pool cover, pool recirculation, Ospa LED underwater lighting, water features and hot water exchange with swimming pool and whirlpool are controlled via the intelligent control technology.

The heart of the system, the entire Ospa technology with EcoClean Filter and Ospa BlueClear® , is easily accessible for customer service in the basement.

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Underwater lighting

Dive into fantastic and wonderfully colored swimming pool water and experience moments of very special atmosphere while you glide through the wellness water in your perfect swimming pool. In the darkness and twilight, it's "Lights off, spotlight on."

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Images: Matthias Malpricht