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Vivell Showgarden

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Are you in Switzerland and interested in trying out some select products? Then the display garden of our partner Vivell in Kappel is the place for you. With its deep blue mosaic facing, the outdoor pool lies embedded in a terraced garden landscape.

Test the innovative OSPA-PowerSwim 2 counter-current system or experience wonderfully colorful moments. In the evening, the lights go out and the spotlights go on, with the LED-RGB colored underwater lighting from Ospa.

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Counter-current system

The innovative Ospa PowerSwim counter-current system converts your pool into a challenging swimming channel. Swim your way to fitness by determining the training level by adjusting the water current strength yourself. In addition to the athletic challenge, there is no shortage of opportunity for calm swimming and the joy of movement.

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Images: Vivell AG

Implementation: Vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik