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Workout in the water

Embedded in a newly created garden, the 8-meter-long infinity pool invites you to swim, for water aerobics or to relax. Just looking at the pool from one of the three terraces imparts a feeling of being on vacation.

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After dark, the integrated LED underwater lighting comes into its own. In addition to the Ospa TopSwim counter-current system, the complete Ospa water treatment line was also installed: the Ospa EcoClean filter system, the Ospa BlueClear® disinfection system and the Ospa BlueControl® swimming pool control system not only keep the water clean, but also keep operating costs within limits.

Apart from the athletic workout, the newly created wellness ensemble is the perfect place to unwind after a workout.

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Counter-current system

The innovative Ospa PowerSwim counter-current system converts your pool into a challenging swimming channel. Swim your way to fitness by determining the training level by adjusting the water current strength yourself. In addition to the athletic challenge, there is no shortage of opportunity for calm swimming and the joy of movement.

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Images: Tom Philippi