Specialized solution in the tropical house of the Wilhelma with palm trees and tropical birds

Rainforest spectacle

Waterfall in the Wilhelma

A 12-meter high waterfall thunders into the depths of a perfect, tropical rainforest in the tropical house of the Zoological-Botanical Garden in Stuttgart – a space that places the highest demands on water quality above all things, particularly due to its inhabitants, and creates challenging conditions.

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The organic contamination by animals and shoreline vegetation requires thorough and chemical-free water treatment. This is accomplished by four Ospa filter systems ("Model25") connected in parallel, which are characterized by especially high filtration definition. The special internal water distribution, by means of diffusion technology and a filter layer comprised of Ospa filtration quartz sand , provides for a smooth and optimal process without deposits in the filter. Particularly of note are the sturdy filter tanks, which easily withstand the pressure of the majestic waterfall and the relatively high water temperature of 24 °C.

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Water roars powerfully into the depths. The impressive effect of the Ospa waterfall is further increased by atmospheric lighting, becoming an exclusive water feature in the evening hours.

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