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Municipal Pool Technology
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Active environmental protection The Ospa Energy Concept

Energy efficiency is the key to active environmental protection with simultaneous reduction of operating costs. That's why Ospa always relies on natural common salt and highly effective active carbon for minimal consumption of disinfectants, as well as modern swimming pool technology and innovative control computers. The path is already laid for energy-efficient and economical operation during planning stages.

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The heart of the treatment system is Ospa BlueControl®, the intelligent control system that precisely controls and monitors all functions of the swimming pool, thereby also providing for energy efficient operation. This innovative technology ensures that all water parameters are in the green, energy is saved and CO2 emissions are prevented, while conserving our resources and environment.

Thanks to modern Ospa swimming pool technology, all energy consumers of the swimming pool are designed for energy-saving operation. That starts with production of the disinfectant, which is produced on site from regenerating salt with our chlorozone process, and continues with the pumps. An important component of Ospa's high-tech swimming pool technology are frequency-controlled pumps, whose power consumption is regulated according to the required capacity, so that energy efficient operation and optimal circulation volume flow is always guaranteed. The motors that are used conform to the latest EU standard for electric motors, which requires them to have greater energy efficiency.
The energy saving functions of Ospa's swimming pool technology also include an energy saving mode at idle. That means: in idle phases, when the roll-top cover is closed, the room temperature is lowered. Because Ospa BlueControl® also communicates with the climate control technology and is controlled via the touch screen of Ospa BlueControl®, this is possible with no trouble at all. The room temperature lowering saves energy, reducing operating costs.

Another measure for energy efficient operation of the swimming pool is the lowering of the water level. This measure dries the overflow channel and circulation only occurs through pool suction. This energy saving mode is pre-programmed into Ospa BlueControl®. The intelligent control monitors all processes. The energy-saving effect: no more water can evaporate via the overflow channel, so the air conditioning has to dehumidify less and accordingly consumes less power. The water is circulated only in the so-called small circuit, and not through the surge water tank, further minimizing energy consumption.

Of course, Ospa BlueControl® also makes sure that energy is not unnecessarily consumed during operation of the water features. A feature sequence control can be programmed, for example, which is particularly of interest for hotel and municipal pools: individual features are locked out from each other so that they cannot run simultaneously, preventing expensive power peaks.

An important component of modern swimming pool technology is the use of LED spotlights, which, with Ospa, can naturally also be controlled by Ospa BlueControl®. LEDs, and particularly colored RGB spotlights, not only look nice, but last significantly longer than conventional halogen spotlights. That means: fewer lamp replacements and significantly lower maintenance costs as a result. And most importantly: LEDs consume only a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional halogen spotlights.

Last but not least: Ospa BlueControl®, and consequently the entire Ospa swimming pool technology, can be connected to common bus systems in residential buildings. That gives builders optimal networking of all power consumers in their residential buildings, with full use of all facilities, including the swimming pool and wellness facilities, without loss of convenience and with low power consumption. Optimized control technology, in which the Ospa swimming pool technology is integrated into the overall system, always provides for energy efficient operation of the system. The entire system of energy efficiency only works, however, if all components come from one source and are coordinated with each other – by your system supplier. Ospa provides you with modern swimming pool technology and the know-how of more than 80 years of research and development.

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The goal

Unclouded swimming enjoyment is what we at Ospa want to make possible for you. Our goal is to achieve this with as little CO2 emissions as possible. Our priority is the health of people and the protection of the environment. And that not only relates to our products and components – our production processes, our company premises and our vehicle fleet are also subject to this priority.

The strategy

We aim to achieve our declared goals with:

  • Intelligent swimming pool control
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Energy optimized design

Perfectly coordinated technology

Ospa-BlueControl® 5 Web

Intelligent touch screen computer for energy efficient control of the swimming pool.

Frequency-controlled circulation pump

Adjustment of the pump performance to the actual operating conditions.

Ospa EcoClean filters

The optimized Ospa reversing valve significantly reduces system resistance.


Injector with energy-efficient booster pump.


As a result of a large pipe diameter and bends instead of angles, the system resistance can be effectively reduced, saving considerable energy.

Water balance tank

Energy adaptation and hydraulically optimal installation of the thermally isulated water balance tank

Circulation volume flow

Once the system has been optimized with respect to fluid mechanics, the volume flow must be adjusted via the frequency-controlled pump.

Plate heat exchanger

High efficiency plate heat exchangers for low temperature, solar heating and heat pumps.

LED Lighting

Considerable energy can be saved when using LED instead of halogen spotlights.  The longer service life of LED diodes also protects our resources.

Water feature control

The program sequence controlled by BlueControl® and the mutual interlocking of features reduce expensive power peaks.

Water level lowering

Water level lowering reduces heat loss.

Draining of outdoor whirlpools

Whirlpools are drained at night into a thermally insulated storage tank.

Highly insulated pools

A thermally insulating layer made of Styrodur effectively prevents thermal losses.


Ospa swimming pool covers have provided for maximum energy savings for decades.

The heart

Unbeatably efficient: the intelligent Ospa BlueControl® controls and monitors all swimming pool functions, including water parameter monitoring and features. For optimal networking to all power consumers, Ospa BlueControl® can also be connected to all common bus systems in residential buildings.

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Energy efficient control Made in Germany

The technology

Our high standards for an energy efficient swimming experience demand corresponding technical finesse. High-tech swimming pool technology, tailored for efficiency and combined with an intelligent control system is our recipe for success. In addition to improved pool hydraulics and the use of LED instead of halogen lamps, there are two of our products above all that do important work:

The Ospa Superfilter system:

  • Highly efficient work through optimized, fine water distribution and thorough flushing
  • Continuous, efficient removal of contaminants by highly effective active carbon
  • Durable filter material

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The Ospa BlueClear® system:

  • On-demand production of disinfectants
  • Only occasional refilling of natural common salt

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