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Municipal Pool Technology
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Expert consulting

The extra special service: Ospa technical consulting accompanies you from the idea to implementation of your swimming pool dream.

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Our service begins long before any structural step is taken. How do you picture your swimming pool? What specific desires do you have? You will clarify these questions and the statutory regulations in the first phase during an examination of the local conditions together with your Ospa consultant. Your idea will gradually acquire clearer contours and you will receive your first glimpses of the world of Ospa products.


In this phase, your clear ideas are linked to products and specific implementation options. You and your Ospa consultant will already sit together at one table with architects and designers. The pool is selected, insulation discussed, lighting short: your idea takes the first step toward becoming an actual project. 

Project Management

Once the order has been placed, the Ospa design department develops the optimal solution for your swimming pool together with the contracted designers and architects. Of course, all guidelines, regulations and standards are taken into consideration when doing so. The results are recorded in a detailed installation plan. Your Ospa consultant provides support during project planning of the water treatment system, for example, and specifies the sizing of the pipelines.


Your project is now implemented together with all involved companies. Your Ospa consultant takes on an advisory function here, monitoring processes at the construction site. Whether it's the custom-fit positioning of the connections or the placement of the pool mounting parts – your Ospa consultant ensures that the installation goes smoothly. They also provide instruction based on the created plans, such as instructing the electrician in connection of the devices.


The construction site has finally transformed into your swimming pool dream – now it's time for a practical test run. Once your Ospa consultant has organized everything necessary for timely completion, such as filling with water, they then monitor operation of the system for 1 to 2 days. Coordination of the technology is transferred to the Ospa customer service technician, who continues to maintain and service the system – the prerequisite for extended, unclouded swimming enjoyment.